FOCUS ON CRAFT: Diane Griffin

FOCUS ON CRAFT: Diane Griffin

Soroka London is thrilled to showcase the captivating work of ceramic artist Diane Griffin. With over 30 years of experience, Diane transforms clay into captivating, sculptural pieces rich in symbolism and imbued with a deep connection to the natural world.
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Born and raised in London, Diane's love for clay began in the 1980s during her foundation course. The tactility and responsiveness of the material sparked a lifelong passion. Her studies at Farnham (now UCA) deepened her appreciation for clay's artistic potential, a wellspring of inspiration that continues to this day.

Fuelled by childhood memories of artistic expression, Diane's passion for ceramics truly blossomed at Farnham. After graduating in 1988, she balanced raising a family with teaching ceramics in North Yorkshire before moving to Northamptonshire in 2007. Here, a larger studio empowered her artistic practice to flourish.

Diane's artistic journey is deeply rooted in our human desire for connection. A profound experience at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem ignited her fascination with rituals and ceremonies – those powerful acts that bind us to each other, the world around us, and even a higher power. This enduring theme finds expression in her captivating ceramic sculptures. 

Contrasting Textures, Poetic Stories

Diane's sculptures are a symphony of textures. Rough, hand-built sections juxtapose with delicate, ruffled porcelain sheets, reflecting the beauty found in nature's imperfections. Precious metallic elements, reminiscent of childhood treasures unearthed in her garden, add a touch of unexpected luxury against the earthy tones.

Utilising a rich tapestry of techniques, Diane throws, hand builds, and carves her clay to achieve a stunning variety of forms and surfaces. Layers of slips and glazes, meticulously applied and fired multiple times, create the depth and vibrancy of her work. Porcelain and earthenware clays, each with its unique character, become her palette.

Diane's sculptures are more than just beautiful objects; they are invitations to contemplate. They serve as focal points for personal stories, memories, and emotions, offering viewers a private space for quiet reflection. 

At Soroka London, we celebrate the exceptional artistry of Diane Griffin. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to weave narratives into captivating forms make her a true gem in the world of contemporary ceramics.