This London Craft Week, Soroka celebrates the enduring power of craftsmanship with a spotlight on AS'ART, a brand where wanderlust meets exquisite artistry.

A Shared Passion Ignited:

The AS'ART story begins in 1987 with an encounter - that of Danielle Bastelli and Jean-Paul Merlin. Their friendship, born within the walls of an engineering company, blossomed over a shared love for travel. Danielle, a seasoned adventurer, and Jean-Paul, a recent world tour veteran, returned home with a newfound appreciation for handcrafted objects from around the globe.

Africa Beckons:

Africa, with its vibrant artistic traditions, particularly captivated the duo. They embarked on extensive journeys across the continent, witnessing firsthand the artistry and cultural significance of local crafts. However, they also recognized the need to adapt these products for a Western audience. This sparked an entrepreneurial spirit, leading to the birth of AS'ART in 1991.

Beyond Mere Products:

Danielle and Jean-Paul weren't simply interested in importing existing crafts. They saw an opportunity to collaborate with local artisans, combining traditional techniques with contemporary design sensibilities. Their iconic Kisii stone collections from Kenya stand as a testament to this vision.


Discover AS'ART at Soroka:

At Soroka, we're proud to offer a curated selection of AS'ART's exquisite creations. Explore their handcrafted pieces and bring a touch of global artistry into your home.

  • Telephone Wire Baskets: These remarkable vessels are the result of delicate hand-woven telephone wire. This South African craft is a stunning example of the adaptation of ancient skills to contemporary materials. Our collection showcases the creativity of Zulu artisans who bring to life an infinite number of designs. Each year, we add new shapes and a vibrant color palette to the collection, ensuring you'll find a perfect piece to add a touch of unique texture and functionality to your space.

Visit us in-store or browse our online collection to embark on your own design adventure with AS'ART. This London Craft Week, celebrate the beauty and stories woven into handcrafted objects, and discover the world through the artistry of AS'ART at Soroka.