by Jamila asgarova

The Story Behind Soroka

I was always passionate about collecting interesting objects; whether due to their usual shape, mesmerising bold colour way, the symbolism it carries or simply because of the emotion it brings to its holder.

The name 'Soroka' was given to me by my team – since every time I would go to a work trip, I always came back with some vintage ‘treasures’ or some sort of token that I would add to my wall of inspiration – so they referred to me as a Magpie (Soroka) that flies around and brings back shiny and attractive items to its nest.

It took me quite a long time to build confidence to make this passion into a concept that could bring the same emotions to my clients and visitors.

I like to believe that my concept brings people Joy through the objects I collate for them.

Independently Sourced

I choose every single brand and object that I bring into the shop, so most of the time I am guided by my ‘eye’ and my gut. I love to meet founders and understand the story behind the piece and feel the emotions they go through when creating them.

I stick to everything that only brings positive emotions and light energy, so you will never see gloomy or dull colours or dark themed creations that carry heavy energy.

Especially when buying vintage items, I am always guided by the feeling I get when holding the chosen item and what symbolism it carried in different cultures with each pre-loved item, I always try to include a little story of the person I purchased it from and a glimpse into this object’s previous life.


We launched our first two stores in Baku, Azerbaijanv(my home city), the first one on 13th March 2019, followed by a second location in the airport terminal three years later. The third location was our first international appearance with a shop in London that we launched just over half a year ago. My aim for all the shops was to curate unusual objects with constant new arrivals from all over the world including makers from Azerbaijan – so that each time a client entered a shop they would see something new. And also, to have a varied price range – so that anyone that enters the shop can take away a little piece of it with them. And till this day I stick to this idea – all three locations are built around this ethos.