Incense Blend - The Magnet

Mama Moon

Incense Blend - The Magnet

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Incense Blend - The Magnet

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The Magnet is a magic spell to acknowledge your wishes and to attract the hearts desires.

This cosmic blend will attract prosperity, love, success, personal growth and good fortune. As the smoke travels, know that you are worthy of an abundance of spiritual blessings.

Blended within a protective circle and charged under a full moon.

How to use:
Heat a charcoal disc with some tongs over a flame until it starts to spark and crackle (usually about 8-10 seconds)
Place it in a fireproof dish
Then add a small pinch of the spell over the hot charcoal and allow the smoke to travel
For a house cleanse, start at the room furthest from your front door and burn in every room, ending by the front door, as this tells the negative energies to leave, that they are no longer welcome. Have the front door and windows open so the unwelcome energies can leave.

These discs get very hot so please use with caution when igniting and discarding used ashes. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Charcoal discs included.

Size: D5cm H5.5cm