Born and raised in London, Diane Griffin's artistic journey began in 1988 with a formal education in ceramics. Following years of honing her skills and sharing her passion through teaching, Diane transitioned to a full-time studio practice in 2015. Currently based in Northamptonshire, she continues to develop her captivating artistic voice.

It's a captivating exploration of contrasting textures, colors, and weight. Rough, hand-built sections with smooth, thinly rolled porcelain, creating a dynamic tension that reflects the beauty found in nature's imperfections. Precious metallic elements further enhance the organic textures, adding a touch of unexpected elegance.

Each sculptural form becomes a canvas for personal narratives and a celebration of the natural world's poetry. Diane's dedication to her craft and her ability to weave stories into captivating forms solidify her position as a true gem in the world of contemporary ceramics.

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