Children create dreams, phantasies, and sensations about the things that they can’t yet explain about the world. And we all adore the breadth and depth of their boundless imagination. It is an amazing asset for growth. Edu2, design imagination toys and play furniture for 3-8+ year old children, inviting children to explore the world through play and sensory experiences.

Their story has begun when they noticed how well children respond to light - in fact, we all do! We need light as much as we need water. Light inspires children and helps them stay focused.

 They designed their first Light Play Table, and the customers loved it. After more than half of home market’s kindergartens acquired edu2 Play Light Table, Edu2 understood that they needed to keep going further.

 They developed edu2 Sensory Play Space Divider with 685 holes to elevate everyday sensory experience.

Edu2 products can be distinguished by aesthetic and quiet design, multiple play opportunities, and learning value. Each of our playthings is like an endless white sheet of paper in front of an artist. We love white and other natural colors for their clean, fresh, and aesthetic sense.

They strive to create playthings which would be equally excellent in design and function. Children are free to imagine, explore, and create their most beautiful, brave, unexpected ideas when playing with edu2 products If you are looking for something truly unique yet functional, you are at the right place.

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